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Norwood Park Martial Arts Classes


Norwood Park Martial Arts is a martial arts school dedicated to sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge of martial arts. Our classes give students a great workout in a friendly, safe environment.  

​Modern Arnis

Founded and developed by Professor Remy Amador Presas, Modern Arnis is an eclectic Filipino martial art that blends the best elements of Filipino jujutsu, karate, and various traditional Filipino stick and knife fighting styles into a brilliantly conceived, versatile, and devastatingly effective martial art.


In addition to weapons training, Modern Arnis employs strikes, kicks, grappling, ground-fighting, joint locks, throws, and disarms.


Modern Arnis is a well-rounded, complete, and practical martial art. And for those with existing or prior experience in another art, Modern Arnis can also serve to enhance your training and provide insights applicable to other arts.


Modern Arnis Schedule:  Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.


Women's Self-defense -- G.O.G.


Girls on Guard is not just a course in awareness and avoidance, but rather an interactive program that teaches women the physical skills and techniques necessary to escape these violent situations. G.O.G. is taught by a team of certified instructors.


The training includes practicing techniques full-force on a padded instructor. It emphasizes close-range fighting using a woman's strongest weapons to target the attacker's weakest points. It also includes every day safety skills, which focus on awareness and prevention.

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